AUX handles with the best electroplating and finishing quality in 4 different sizes
front worktops, anti-slip plates,Sealing Skirting

Hinge soft-close, AUX Clip-on Hinge, AUX Gas Springe, AUX Ball bearing Slide, AUX MDF Screw, Beta Cabinet bases, AUX 80 Kg Roler Slide



As we employ determined and smart individuals, we indeed prefer ability to the experience. We know well that AUX personnel play important role in achievement of goals and outlook of this company and we try to show our customers, through our behavior, that our intention is delivery of services.


Our mission is servicing even if you are not our customer.

1-     Satisfaction of all members of great family of AUX;

2-     Respecting customers’ viewpoints;

3-     Healthy competition and commitment to professional morale.












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