AUX handles with the best electroplating and finishing quality in 4 different sizes
front worktops, anti-slip plates,Sealing Skirting

Hinge soft-close, AUX Clip-on Hinge, AUX Gas Springe, AUX Ball bearing Slide, AUX MDF Screw, Beta Cabinet bases, AUX 80 Kg Roler Slide



AUX 80 Kg Roler Slide





The body of AUX pulley is made of metal covered with black static color and its roller is made of the best Teflon material. There are 96 AUX pulleys in each box including 8 packages in which there are 12 items. In addition, each package contains 4 pulleys, two brakes and two Screws. Its high load bearing and easy movement in the rail noiselessly are its advantages.

AUX pulleys bear 2 years of unconditional guarantee.



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