AUX handles with the best electroplating and finishing quality in 4 different sizes
front worktops, anti-slip plates,Sealing Skirting

Hinge soft-close, AUX Clip-on Hinge, AUX Gas Springe, AUX Ball bearing Slide, AUX MDF Screw, Beta Cabinet bases, AUX 80 Kg Roler Slide



Beta Cabinet bases



Number of items in main boxes:

14 cm. bases: 100 items in each box

12 cm. bases: 120 items in each box

10 cm. bases: 150 items in each box

8 cm. bases: 180 items in each box

6 cm. bases: 250 items in each box



Beta aluminum bases with 14 cm. 12 cm., 10 cm., 8 cm. and 6 cm. sizes. Beta aluminum bases with black and gray cups and Screws with granule material quality. Beta bases are packaged in nylon bags inside boxes. Beta aluminum Screws have tetrahedral shapes to facilitate installation of bases in the corners.

Beta plastic bases are made of the best materials in gray and black colors. Beta plastic bases are made of two parts: the shoe and main part. There are 300 items in each package. An advantage of these bases is their high load bearing resistance and they are shatterproof.




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