AUX handles with the best electroplating and finishing quality in 4 different sizes
front worktops, anti-slip plates,Sealing Skirting

Hinge soft-close, AUX Clip-on Hinge, AUX Gas Springe, AUX Ball bearing Slide, AUX MDF Screw, Beta Cabinet bases, AUX 80 Kg Roler Slide



Hinge soft-close



هر عدد لولاگازور پمپی داخل یک بسته بندی وکیوم رنگی قراردارد .هر 10 عدد لولاگازور داخل یک بسته بندی کوچک و داخل کارتن اصلی 10 بسته 10 تایی قرار میگیرد.



AUX soft-close Hinge is of Hinge type with 4 screws that there are 100 items in each box packaged ten items in each package, with 1 soft-close Hinge in each package together with 6 screws and 2 covers. In AUX soft-close Hinge, a pump and 6 strong springs are used. AUX soft-close Hinge is distributed in the best quality electroplate. AUX soft-close Hinges covered up to 2 years of unconditional guarantee.



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